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What is Beauty

Hello there, so in this post I have collaborated with Daisy, she s an awesome blogger. Please check her blog out, I am sure you all will love it. Here is the link. I think that she deserves a lot more followers so please show her some love and follower her blog.

Here is the piece she sent me —

Beauty of nature lies in its miracles.

Beauty of life lies in its uncertainty.

Beauty of time lies in its transition.

Beauty of a relation lies in its emotions.

Beauty of success is that it is temporary.

Beauty of a man lies in his steel.

& the beauty of a woman lies in her endurance. A woman is beautiful because she has the aura of strength, courage, power, love, success, knowledge. She is timid, coy yet persuasive and protective, exceptional yet grounded.

 Beauty is skin deep

Beautiful is the person who thinks beautifully. Your thoughts and attitude makes you glow beautifully. The physical beauty is deceptive and might fade away but the eternal gift will always shine and linger long after you are gone.

We spend endless money throughout life to look beautiful but it is more important to look graceful. An older woman looks graceful through her shining locks and wrinkled skin because her positive attitude,  matured dressing sense, invaluable experiences of life.

Beauty is power, assuring, ethereal, inherent, beyond words and utility. It is a wisdom gained through experience; talent of the beholder and it should be adorned, manifested and glorified. It is neighbor’s envy and owners’ pride.

Beauty is ,having a golden heart

Beautiful are the people who have lived life for others. An attitude you can swear by. I believe I am beautiful because I just don’t survive, I live. I don’t reside in a house, it’s my home and I don’t try to live long but live it large. I look at things such that they look beautiful and appealing to me and this gratitude towards your achievements make you glow.

Beauty causes attraction and results in pleasure. It is an inspiration for the philosophers and philanthropist alike. Biased towards physical beauty is natural sentiment but youthfulness is nobody’s copyright and will disperse eventually. The perceived physical imperfections are a mirror image of your own psychology.

Beauty is simplicity

I have described enough about beauty but still my mind is bubbling with descriptive thoughts and wanting to admire beauty through deeper meanings in life. This feeling of emotional well being called beauty has invigorated slumber ideas. Life would be so insipid if you cannot appreciate mere beauty. I t lies in your mundane tasks, your doting relationships, your anger and thirst for more.

Sometimes people are beautiful, not in looks or talk, just in what they are. The sheer characteristic of beauty lies in its simplicity and solidarity so I believe eat healthy, think positive live life, face challenges, remain grateful, learn from experiences and stay beautiful.


One word — BEAUTIFUL

I absolutely loved it. Here is the link to the original post.



I am a student and a blogger and I really like reading and sharing various quotes.

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